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Why Choose PTE Academic?

When It Comes To Meeting Your Future Goals For Study Or Work Abroad, Choosing PTE Academic Is The Wisest Move. Here’s How PTE Academic Benefits You. PTE Academic Is The World’s Leading Computer-Based Test Of English For Study Abroad And Immigration. Typically, PTE Academic Results Are Available Within Five Business Days.

Who Accepts PTE Academic

PTE Academic Is Accepted By Thousands Of Universities Worldwide, Including Prestigious Institutions Such As Harvard Business School, INSEAD And Yale. PTE Academic Is Also Accepted For Visa Purposes By The Australian And New Zealand Governments.

To Complete A PTE Academic Test, You Will Need To Attend A Secure Pearson Test Center. You Will Use A Computer And Headset To Listen To, Read And Respond To Questions.

During The Three-Hour Test Session, There Are Three Main Parts To The Test: Speaking And Writing (Together), Listening And Reading. There Is Also An Optional 10-Minute Break Between The Reading And Listening Parts. During The Test, You Will Find Twenty Different Question Formats, Ranging From Multiple Choice Through To Essay Writing And Interpreting Information.
PTE Academic Assesses Real-Life, Academic English, So You Will Hear Excerpts From Lectures And View Graphs And Charts. You Will Hear A Range Of Accents In The Test, From British And American To Non-Native Speakers, So You Will Be Exposed To The Type Of Accents You Will Encounter In Everyday Life.


How Is The Test Scored?

All Items In PTE Academic Are Machine Scored Using PTE Academic’s Automated Scoring System. Scores For Some Item Types Are Based On Correctness Alone, While Others Are Based On Correctness, Formal Aspects And The Quality Of The Response. Formal Aspects Refer To The Form Of The Response: For Example, Whether It Is Over Or Under The Word Limit For A Particular Item Type. The Quality Of The Response Is Represented In The Enabling Skills. For Example, In The Item Type Re-Tell Lecture The Response Is Scored On Skills Such As Oral Fluency And Pronunciation. There Are Two Types Of Scoring: Correct Or Incorrect, And Partial Scoring.

Correct Or Incorrect: If Responses Are Correct, A Score Of 1 Score Point Will Be Given, But If They Are Incorrect, No Score Points Are Awarded.

Partial Credit : Other Item Types Are Scored As Correct, Partially Correct Or Incorrect. If Responses To These Items Are Correct, The Maximum Score Points Available For Each Item Type Will Be Received, But If They Are Partly Correct, Some Score Points Will Be Given, But Less Than The Maximum Available For The Item Type. If Responses Are Incorrect, No Score Points Will Be Received.