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Step By Step Guide To The Application & Visa Process

Apply Canada Student Can Be Some Time Difficult But We The Help Of Our Certified Councillor Your Visa And Application Approval Chance Increased Almost 100 % Here’s How It Works

1) Register with Sophiya Consultants and talk with education councillor and discuss your Goals or Problems frankly
2) Choose a course according to your area of Interest
3) Shortlist a university or any provider that suit your preferences, entry requirements and budget
4) Apply for LOF ( letter Of Offere ) with our assistance
5) Get your Required funds calculated with assistance of our team
6) Get your GIC Account open up in banks with our assistance
7) Pay financial deposits
8) Receive LOA ( Letter of acceptance ) From the provider & GIC certificate
9) Apply for your visa with our help
10) Attend our pre-departure session